Monday, May 23, 2011

Kelly Gets Off - New Song Sneak Peek 4 - 10 Days to Donate!

Hey Everyone,

I know I missed putting in Sneak Peek 3, but you can check HERE to see the video. I'm just going to jump ahead to #4. V. Jeffery Smith and I had a conversation about R. Kelly getting off back when he wasn't charged with any crimes. Now I didn't see the R. Video, but most of the rest of the world did so you know what the deal was and is.

One morning V. Jeff had a flash of inspiration and from it was have this. I wrote most of the lyrics and Jeff Jeudy stopped by to play at bit while we shot this video. Enjoy!

There are still 10 days to donate to my IndieGoGo Campaign! If you have been thinking about it, then now if your time. Thanks so much for your support! Without further ado, "Kelly Gets Off."

Shelley Nicole, V. Jeffrey Smith & Jeff Jeudy - Kelly Gets Off - Sneak Peek 4 from Shelley Nicole on Vimeo.