Monday, December 20, 2010

blaKbüshe Holiday EP supporting the Myrtle Baptist Church Scholarship Fund! Get Yours Now!

Hey Everyone,

At the end of 2009 I was asked to put together a little holiday EP for my mother and her friends.  I only shared it with those ladies and the folks who recorded it with me. Well now I’ve decided to share it with everyone.  The project is called Sistah Love at Christmas Time. My executive producer (that would be my mom, lol) named it as such because it was originally for here girlfriends. I kept the title because I like it!

I’m selling the EP for the duration of the year and all proceeds are going to the Myrtle Baptist Church College Scholarship Fund. I was a recipient of this scholarship throughout my college career.  It really helped me out then and I know it’s doing the same for students who receive this award.  This is a great way to give back so please purchase the EP and enjoy it with the rest of your holiday music. It’s available NOW for digital download only on my new Bandcamp Site. Just follow the link and download away! You can name your own price starting from $4! You can’t beat that to help a young person buy some books or a few meals while in school. College is not cheap folks and every little bit helps!

The songs are available for download individually, but as a special bonus, if you purchase all three songs I will send you a bonus holiday track for FREE! So get up on it folks!  Thank you so much for giving to a young persons future and have a wonderful, blessed holiday season!


Red Butterfly Music Presents
Sistah Love at Christmas Time
Feat. Shelley Nicole

Supporting the Myrtle Baptist Church Scholarship Fund

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Lighting up BAM Café! (Nov. 20th)

 Hey Everyone,

I know we are well into December, but I had to take a step back in time to November and the show at the BAM Café. This was our second time there in as many years and we had another incredible time. I can always count on BAM to be a full house and lots of fun.

That night we shared the bill with Dawn Drake. I have to give her a big shout because we probably would not have been at the Café this year if not for her.  Thanks Dawn!  That night, the O'Jays were also in the house. The Opera House that is. So they were playing right next door! I have to admit that I think that was pretty cool. Jerome got to see some of the show from back stage. I tried to get him to bring Eddie Levert over to the show, but alas that didn't happen.  A girl can dream.  LOL!

BAM was the last blaKbüshe show of the year and now that I think about it there really weren't that many band shows this year. But I will talk about that more in my Year-End Review. Since it was the last show I knew I had to make it great.  It's been such a busy fall that I wasn't able to get the band together to rehearse as many times as I would have liked or write a couple of new things as I had hoped, but I knew it could still be great.

Earlier this fall I was part of an awesome fashion/art show called BlackSnow featuring the clothing and artwork of Black TheMicahlight and Opie Snow.  I was also honored to have an incredible brotha named Oraje do my hair for the evening. After that night I knew I needed them on the team for the BAM show.  If you take a look at the photos you will see that both crews did not disappoint.  Micah and Opie hooked me up with the fly leather pants. I had a pair of copper leather pants just sitting around asking to be tricked out and they did the damn thing.  Then Oraje lit up my locks! He hid a battery pack in the back of my head and with the flip of a switch my hair was aglow.  It was my Avatar moment for sure.

So what happened at the show? Fire happened! I had a big b'earthday this year so I pulled out a joint from my childhood that made me want to live in New York. We covered Odyssey's "Native New Yorker" and the crowd was loving it.  It's just one of my faves. Just makes you want to get on the dance floor circa 1977.  It was a pretty high energy show, but we did drop it down to the blues side with "Gut Bucket." I realized we hadn't done that song for over a year, which is crazy because it's killin' if I do say so myself.  That song is straight out of the bayou.

Of course we hit the blaKbüshe classics "Out of My Mind, " "Long Train Running," "I Am American," "Go Head & Rise," and of course "blaK Girls." But for this show we did the remix and I got my rhyme on. I'm no Lauryn Hill and to be quite honest it makes me really nervous to rhyme because I really respect the art form and I don't consider myself and Emcee, but I did it and it wasn't too shabby.  *smile*  I won't be getting any calls from Jay-Z anytime soon, but I held the flow!

Since there were two acts that night there was no time for an encore, but it was an all around incredible show.  We had the crowd on their feet and it was an all around rockin' good time! I'm so excited about the possibilities in 2011.

Gotta give love to the band! Jerome, Jeff, V. Jeff, Matsu, Ki Ki, Ganessa, Shawn & Amma did the damn thing! Love, Love, Love to them!

If you want to see more shots of the show check out the blaKbüshe Facebook page.  Remember you can "Like" there or follow us on Twitter @blaKbüshe.  Thank you to everyone who came to the show. I can't wait to see you all next year. Lots of new things in store.  Oh and if you want me to come to your town please let me know. I feel the travel bug coming on. I want to see you too!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

WRFB: Radio Free Brooklyn: You Call That 12-inches??!! (Nov. 9)

Hey Everyone,

Well I am finally up to speed with the playlists. It's been quite a busy fall to say the least. I'm not going to give you the wrap up just yet, but I did want to get you up to speed with the shows.  Last week I asked the burning question, "You Call That 12-inches??!!" It was such a fun show. I only played joints 6 minutes long or more.  I know I could have just done a Fela show, but I thought I would mix it up a bit.  I'm thinking that part 2 will be this week. It was just that good.  Long and Strong!!!

Enjoy the list and say tuned for more life details. It's time to blog again!


1. Musique -“Keep On Jumpin'” (12") on Keep on Jumpin’ (1978) 7:02

2. Prince – “Let's Go Crazy” 12" (1984) 7:35 (The B-Side of this 12” was "Erotic City" (US) & "Take Me With You" (UK) On Purple Rain)

3. Jimi Hendrix (Band of Gypsys) - “Power to Love (Live)” on Band of Gypsys: Live @ the Filmore East) (1969 recorded, released 1970) 6:59

4. Jean Carne - “Was That All It Was” (Extended Version) on When I Find You Love (1979) Philidelphia International 7:49

5. The Rebirth – “Got Your Madness” (Unreleased Extended Version) on Jazz Re:Freshed Vol.1 (Disc 2) 8:51

6. T-Connection – “Do What You Wanna Do” on Do What You Wanna Do / At Midnight (12") (1977) 7:15

7. Stevie Wonder – “Superwoman (Where Were You When I Needed You)" on Stevie Wonder's Original Musiquarium 1 [Disc 1] and originally on Music of my Mind (1972) 7:59

8. Erykah Badu – “Time's A Wastin” on Mama's Gun (2000) 6:43

9. Fela Kuti - “Gentleman” on The Best Of Fela Kuti [Disc 1] and originally on Gentleman/Confusion (1973) 11:02

WRFB: Radio Free Brooklyn: Playing the Number (Nov. 2)

Hey all,

I was away for a while. Had a big show with BlackSnow, which I will talk more about later and then had to go home with the fam for a bit. But I came back on the 2nd with a vengeance.  I hit the airwaves with "Numbers (Part 2)."  It's was such a fun show. Check out the music and pick something up for yourself!


1. Big Brother & The Holding Company- “Combination Of The Two” on Cheap Thrills (1968)

2. Me'Shell Ndegéocello – “Love Song #1” on Comfort Woman (2003)

3. Elettrorganica – “Five Blind” (Previously Unreleased) on Jazz Re:Freshed Vol.1 (Disc 2) (2008)

4. The Gossip – “2012” on Music for Men (2009)

5. Chris Robinson (New Earth Mud) – “40 Days” on This Magnificent Distance (2004)

6. Loose Ends – “Dial 999” on A Little Spice (1985)

7. Prince – “1+1+1 Is 3” on The Rainbow Children (2001)

8. Sandra Saint Victor – “100.000.000” on Sandra Saint Victor EP

9. Phoebe Snow - “Two-Fisted Love” on The Best Of Phoebe Snow (1981)

10. Erykah Badu – “A.D. 2000” on Mama's Gun (2000)

11. Roy Ayers – “2000 Black” on Evolution: The Polydor Anthology [Disc 1] (1995)

WRFB: Radio Free Brooklyn: That's the Joint! (Oct. 12)

Hey Everyone,

Well this was just a night of some joints that I just love. Sometimes you just have to skip the theme and just go for what you know.  I also don't know if I got through all these songs, but I love all of them so I wanted to make sure you know what I know on the music tip.

Enjoy & One Love!

1. Bobby Womack – “You're Welcome Stop On By” on Lookin’ for a Love Again (1975)

2. Just A Band – “Extra” on 82 (2009)

3. The Equals – “Black Skin Blue Eyed Boys (Original Single Version)” on The Complete Introduction To Disco [Disc 1]

4. Sylvester – “Dance (Disco Heat)Step II (1978)

5. 4hero – “Hold It Down” on Creating Patterns (2003)

6. Silhouette Brown – “Check It (Calling You)” on Silhouette Brown (2005)

7. Candi Staton – “Young Hearts Run Free” (1976)  Originally on an album with the same title. Now on The Complete Introduction To Disco [Disc 2] (2010)

8. Bebel Gilberto – “Aganjú” on Bebel Gilberto (2004)

9. Kool & The Gang – “Open Sesame (Part 1)” Originally on an album with the same title. (1976) Now on The Complete Introduction To Disco [Disc 2] (2010)

10. Brotherly – “System” on Jazz Re:Freshed Vol.1 (Disc 1) (2008)

11. The Crusaders – “Keep That Same Old Feeling” Originally on Those Southern Knights (1976) Now on Way Back Home [Disc 4] box set. (1996)

WRFB: Radio Free Brooklyn: Jump Back! Wanna Kiss Myself (Oct. 5)

Hey Everyone!

I don't think I got through all these songs in the broadcast, but I wanted to. It was the week of the Burnt Sugar Freaks the James Brown Songbook at the Apollo and I was deep into James.  Enjoy the jams and if you don't have any James in your life you better get yourself some!


1. James Brown – “There It Is, Pt. 1” on There It Is (1972)

2. Vicki Anderson duet w/Bobby Byrd – “You're Welcome, Stop on By” on Mother Popcorn [Anthology] (2005: reissue)

3. James Brown – “Bring it Up (Hipsters Avenue)” (1966) on King Records/Single

4. James Brown – “King Heroin” on There It Is (1972)

5. James Brown – “Licking Stick” on Say it Loud—I’m Black and I’m Proud (1968/single 1969/album)

6. Vicki Anderson – “Message from the Soul Sisters” on Mother Popcorn [Anthology] (2005: reissue)

7. James Brown – “Get Up, Get Into It, Get Involved” (1970)/single

8. James Brown – “Cold Sweat” (1967)/Single on 20 All Time Greatest Hits!

9. Lyn Collins –“Put it on the Line” on Check Me Out if You Don’t Know Me By Now (1975)

10. James Brown – “Escape-ism” (1971)/single on Polydor

11. Vicki Anderson – “I Want to Be In the Land of Milk and Honey” on Mother Popcorn [Anthology] (2005: reissue)

12. James Brown – “Hot Pants” on Hot Pants (1971)

13. James Brown – “Say It Loud (I'm Black And I'm Proud)” on Say it Loud—I’m Black and I’m Proud (1969)