Monday, June 25, 2012

In Gratitude...

I started this blog three times. I was trying not to be long winded, but it seems I can’t help it. The more I sit with myself the less I want to go back. Well at least not too far. Those of you who have read my forever-long blogs know that I have an elephant’s memory. I pay close attention just in case I have to tell you about it. It is indeed the storyteller in me.

I have had quite and year, but I’m not going to recap it at all. I can’t do it again. [If you need to know the whole deal read my old blog (The Year of the Voice) or check the video] I will only go back a week or so for this blog and even then it will tell all, but it will be enough. Ironically my last blog was called “The Year of the Voice” and now we are actually coming up on a year.

I was getting ready to get the band back into the flow of things when I learned that I needed to have surgery on my throat. I had a cyst near, but not on my vocal chords. Now if you know me at all then you know I am not a fan of surgery and I come from a lot of people who feel the same way. I’m not talking about my family I’m talking about my “people.” My friend John recently commented on how I am more of a hippy than he thought I was. I guess, but one thing that some people might call hippy or at least New Age is that I believe in holistic healing, which is really not new at all. So to be considering surgery was big for me.

I didn’t really have anyone to talk to about this who had dealt with this kind of thing. I couldn’t call Adele or John Mayer, but then I remembered that Sandra St. Victor, (an amazing vocalist who you should look up if you don’t know her) one of my inspirations, had polyps removed from her vocal chords and she is doing amazing! So I emailed her and she gave me some sage advice and from there I moved into action.

Beautiful alter the ladies made for my healing circle

I put out the APB to all the healers in my life and everyone stepped up. A week before the surgery my girl Ty gave me a reading so I knew what I needed to do spiritually, and she also came by and did some Pranic Healing on me. Then my girl Desiree organized a healing circle for me. Emily, Hollie, Chuz, Adanze, DeeArah and Sarah came through in person and a gang load of people came through in spirit.  Shirley called my ancestors into the sweat lodge in Michigan and they came to assist in my healing. Peggy hit me with the acupuncture and I did my own personal work and meditation to get ready for the day. So why do all this if I’m going to have the surgery anyway? Because I still needed the path to be clear. No complications. In and out, and also we were praying for a swift and full recovery.
I know things were in divine order because the whole week before the surgery I was in prayer of some kind or another. From Friday June 15th to Wednesday June 20th I was singing to the Goddess and to God. I did two kirtans with my friend Keith and then we recorded the Soul Sangha album. Between "Allah Hoo," "Sita Ram," "Guru Mahadeva" and "Gum, Gum Ganesha," I was all prayed up.

I'm going in!

There I am

My mom came to be with me for the surgery on the 21st. My week had been so packed that by the time the day came I wasn’t so nervous anymore. The day before the surgery I sent out an email to all my peeps to pray or send me good vibes at 7:30am as that was the time of my surgery. When I got to the hospital it was a pretty smooth and fast process. They checked me in and I want up to the 5th floor and got my “pajamas.” Then my mom and I talked to the anesthesiologist and to a nurse to make sure they had everything correct. They then had us wait in a big room until someone came and got me and two other people. We then took the elevator to the 2nd floor where we waited again. One of the women with us was really nervous because she asked me and the other guy what we were there for. I could only laugh. It felt like the old prison question, “What are you in for?” I think there is some sort of rule that you don’t ask people what they are in for. LOL! We didn’t answer her, but we did get a laugh out of it.

Now this is where it all gets interesting. Remember, I asked everyone to pray and send vibes at 7:30am. I don’t what time it was exactly, but as I was waiting for someone to come get me to take me into the operating room I felt a sense of euphoria. It was an overwhelming sense of joy and I just started to smile and laugh. I wondered if it was 7:30 or around then and if people were sending me energy and that’s why I felt happy. It was amazing. I wasn’t afraid at all when the orderly came to take me into the OR.

It happened again when I was in the operating table. They had strapped me in, which was strange, but they said that they sometimes turn the table side to side so they strap people in so they won’t fall off and they can get a better angle if they need it.

Anyway, it happened again before I totally went out. I felt this overwhelming sense of happiness. It was such a blessing. When I thought about it later it almost made me cry.

I also had an interesting experience with the OR nurse. Her name was Dianne and she was really sweet. Before I went under I tapped her and asked her for her name again. I just wanted to make sure I remembered everyone who was there. She was so excited that I asked her for her name, which was a reaction that I didn’t expect at all. She said she felt like she was always forgotten. She said that no one ever asked her for her name in the OR. That felt good. I was there being worked on, but clearly I had done a bit of healing for someone else that day. The other OR nurse was Victor and the anesthesiologist was Miguel.

Dr. Pitman came in and spoke to me for a minute. Did I mention that he’s a supermodel? LOL! Okay, he’s not a supermodel, but he is clearly some sort of super something. I’m very thankful to him and Dr. Pantelides. They were very understanding and treated me like a human being. They understood how much my voice means to me. I am super, super thankful to all of the people there in the OR.

Dr. Pantelides and Dr. Pitman

For those of you who have had surgery and been put under, then you know bizarre it is. It’s nothing like sleep. You don’t dream at all. You have no memory. One moment you are in the OR and the next you are in recovery. There was no counting backwards from 10 until you are out, you are just out! I could feel the medicine going in and that was it. Out! I just remember Miguel saying we are putting the medicine in and that was it.

When I woke up in recovery I was in a little bit of pain. That was to be expected. They gave me more drugs. Soon as I could breathe on my own, they had oxygen on me at first. They took me up to the other recovery where my mom was waiting. I slept there for another hour and then I had to do the “go home” test. If I could walk without getting dizzy, pee on my own and drink water without too much pain then I could leave. I passed the test and soon mom and I were out the door.

We drove back to Brooklyn and to Fairway in Red Hook to get some food for the house. I was on a baby food diet to begin with, which mean pretty much all liquids and pureed foods. For those of you who live in Brooklyn you know that the Fairway in Red Hook is right by the river. Mom and I bought a few things, two of which were subject to melting and that day it was a million degrees. But before we left the parking lot I told her we had to take a pause. I knew I couldn’t be that close to the river and not thank Oshun for her healing power on that day. So I walked around to the river with my mother and pointed to the Statue of Liberty because there was a great view from there. While she was gazing at Lady Liberty I was saying my thanks and praise to the Mother. I was also thanking the Goddess for my mother. I know I am so blessed to have her here with me. That was such a great way to end that part of the day.

We went home in the sweltering heat. Later Jeff came by to help me put my AC in my bedroom window. My mom toughed it out in the living room with the fan. Summer came in with a bang. She really brought the fire to New York City. Thank you Goddess.

Please keep sending me lots of love, light and healing energy. The other side of the journey has just begun.  But with that I claim that I am healed. I am well. I am on voice rest. I am powerful. I am surrounded by light. I am a teacher. I am in full voice. I am open to receive all the grace, goodness and abundance that the Universe has for me. Amen. Ashe. And so it is. Aho!

FYI about New York Eye and Ear: World Voice Day!