Thursday, October 8, 2015

C'mon Everybody Residency: The magic that is Akie Bermiss!

We had such an amazing time at C’mon Everybody last month! I was so excited to share the stage with my musical baby daddy #3 Akie Bermiss! We sang a few duets that night and of them was “Love All the Hurt Away.” Aretha Franklin and George Benson originally sang the song, and I first heard it when I was about eleven years old. Long time ago for sure! Here is just short clip of the song. I wish I had the whole song for you, but alas. So enjoy this taste and a few photos. Yes I had a costume change! 

"Love All the Hurt Away"

Akie!!! A man who still believes in love. *swoon*
First outfit for the Slow Jam section

Second outfit for the "Kick you in your neck" section!

Who me?

Join us on October 16th when my sister in Rock ‘n Roll, my soul sister, my sister serving the big hair and my Michfest sister, Mishti will be my special guest!

See You Next Week!

Photos by Daryl Tillman & Mechelle Rayford
Thank you!!!