Saturday, November 13, 2010

WRFB: Radio Free Brooklyn: You Call That 12-inches??!! (Nov. 9)

Hey Everyone,

Well I am finally up to speed with the playlists. It's been quite a busy fall to say the least. I'm not going to give you the wrap up just yet, but I did want to get you up to speed with the shows.  Last week I asked the burning question, "You Call That 12-inches??!!" It was such a fun show. I only played joints 6 minutes long or more.  I know I could have just done a Fela show, but I thought I would mix it up a bit.  I'm thinking that part 2 will be this week. It was just that good.  Long and Strong!!!

Enjoy the list and say tuned for more life details. It's time to blog again!


1. Musique -“Keep On Jumpin'” (12") on Keep on Jumpin’ (1978) 7:02

2. Prince – “Let's Go Crazy” 12" (1984) 7:35 (The B-Side of this 12” was "Erotic City" (US) & "Take Me With You" (UK) On Purple Rain)

3. Jimi Hendrix (Band of Gypsys) - “Power to Love (Live)” on Band of Gypsys: Live @ the Filmore East) (1969 recorded, released 1970) 6:59

4. Jean Carne - “Was That All It Was” (Extended Version) on When I Find You Love (1979) Philidelphia International 7:49

5. The Rebirth – “Got Your Madness” (Unreleased Extended Version) on Jazz Re:Freshed Vol.1 (Disc 2) 8:51

6. T-Connection – “Do What You Wanna Do” on Do What You Wanna Do / At Midnight (12") (1977) 7:15

7. Stevie Wonder – “Superwoman (Where Were You When I Needed You)" on Stevie Wonder's Original Musiquarium 1 [Disc 1] and originally on Music of my Mind (1972) 7:59

8. Erykah Badu – “Time's A Wastin” on Mama's Gun (2000) 6:43

9. Fela Kuti - “Gentleman” on The Best Of Fela Kuti [Disc 1] and originally on Gentleman/Confusion (1973) 11:02

WRFB: Radio Free Brooklyn: Playing the Number (Nov. 2)

Hey all,

I was away for a while. Had a big show with BlackSnow, which I will talk more about later and then had to go home with the fam for a bit. But I came back on the 2nd with a vengeance.  I hit the airwaves with "Numbers (Part 2)."  It's was such a fun show. Check out the music and pick something up for yourself!


1. Big Brother & The Holding Company- “Combination Of The Two” on Cheap Thrills (1968)

2. Me'Shell Ndegéocello – “Love Song #1” on Comfort Woman (2003)

3. Elettrorganica – “Five Blind” (Previously Unreleased) on Jazz Re:Freshed Vol.1 (Disc 2) (2008)

4. The Gossip – “2012” on Music for Men (2009)

5. Chris Robinson (New Earth Mud) – “40 Days” on This Magnificent Distance (2004)

6. Loose Ends – “Dial 999” on A Little Spice (1985)

7. Prince – “1+1+1 Is 3” on The Rainbow Children (2001)

8. Sandra Saint Victor – “100.000.000” on Sandra Saint Victor EP

9. Phoebe Snow - “Two-Fisted Love” on The Best Of Phoebe Snow (1981)

10. Erykah Badu – “A.D. 2000” on Mama's Gun (2000)

11. Roy Ayers – “2000 Black” on Evolution: The Polydor Anthology [Disc 1] (1995)

WRFB: Radio Free Brooklyn: That's the Joint! (Oct. 12)

Hey Everyone,

Well this was just a night of some joints that I just love. Sometimes you just have to skip the theme and just go for what you know.  I also don't know if I got through all these songs, but I love all of them so I wanted to make sure you know what I know on the music tip.

Enjoy & One Love!

1. Bobby Womack – “You're Welcome Stop On By” on Lookin’ for a Love Again (1975)

2. Just A Band – “Extra” on 82 (2009)

3. The Equals – “Black Skin Blue Eyed Boys (Original Single Version)” on The Complete Introduction To Disco [Disc 1]

4. Sylvester – “Dance (Disco Heat)Step II (1978)

5. 4hero – “Hold It Down” on Creating Patterns (2003)

6. Silhouette Brown – “Check It (Calling You)” on Silhouette Brown (2005)

7. Candi Staton – “Young Hearts Run Free” (1976)  Originally on an album with the same title. Now on The Complete Introduction To Disco [Disc 2] (2010)

8. Bebel Gilberto – “Aganjú” on Bebel Gilberto (2004)

9. Kool & The Gang – “Open Sesame (Part 1)” Originally on an album with the same title. (1976) Now on The Complete Introduction To Disco [Disc 2] (2010)

10. Brotherly – “System” on Jazz Re:Freshed Vol.1 (Disc 1) (2008)

11. The Crusaders – “Keep That Same Old Feeling” Originally on Those Southern Knights (1976) Now on Way Back Home [Disc 4] box set. (1996)

WRFB: Radio Free Brooklyn: Jump Back! Wanna Kiss Myself (Oct. 5)

Hey Everyone!

I don't think I got through all these songs in the broadcast, but I wanted to. It was the week of the Burnt Sugar Freaks the James Brown Songbook at the Apollo and I was deep into James.  Enjoy the jams and if you don't have any James in your life you better get yourself some!


1. James Brown – “There It Is, Pt. 1” on There It Is (1972)

2. Vicki Anderson duet w/Bobby Byrd – “You're Welcome, Stop on By” on Mother Popcorn [Anthology] (2005: reissue)

3. James Brown – “Bring it Up (Hipsters Avenue)” (1966) on King Records/Single

4. James Brown – “King Heroin” on There It Is (1972)

5. James Brown – “Licking Stick” on Say it Loud—I’m Black and I’m Proud (1968/single 1969/album)

6. Vicki Anderson – “Message from the Soul Sisters” on Mother Popcorn [Anthology] (2005: reissue)

7. James Brown – “Get Up, Get Into It, Get Involved” (1970)/single

8. James Brown – “Cold Sweat” (1967)/Single on 20 All Time Greatest Hits!

9. Lyn Collins –“Put it on the Line” on Check Me Out if You Don’t Know Me By Now (1975)

10. James Brown – “Escape-ism” (1971)/single on Polydor

11. Vicki Anderson – “I Want to Be In the Land of Milk and Honey” on Mother Popcorn [Anthology] (2005: reissue)

12. James Brown – “Hot Pants” on Hot Pants (1971)

13. James Brown – “Say It Loud (I'm Black And I'm Proud)” on Say it Loud—I’m Black and I’m Proud (1969)