Sunday, April 25, 2010

WRFB: Radio Free Brooklyn

What's Up World!!!

Tonight we kicked off the first test run of WRFB: Radio Free Brooklyn straight out of Bed Stuy! It was an amazing night with our hosts Dexter Taylor, Christian John Wikane, Rob Fields and yours truly, Shelley Nicole.

My theme for the night was "My People." Basically I played music from people that I know personally, which was perfect. Below is the play list from the first show and corresponding links so you can hear the artists that I played.

We will officially start broadcasting on May 4th 7-11pm, but in the mean time you can follow Radio Free Brooklyn on Twitter at Of course you can follow me on Twitter as well at

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April 25th, 2010 WRFB Test Show Playlist

1. Tamar-kali - "Warrior Bones" Black Bottom (

2. California King - "Whiskey Glass" Adoration Of The Boogie Bear (

3. Ki Ki Hawkins - "Goodbye" The Ki Ki Experience Live (

4. Somi - "Wallflower Blues" If The Rains Come First (

5. Dexter Taylor - "Heavy Weather" Red Satellite EP (Dexter Taylor on Facebook)

6. Pyeng Threadgill - "Propeller" Portholes To A Love & Other Short Stories (

7. Kay Ashley - "To The Ground" Heliotrope (

8. I Love Monsters - "Stop Pretending" Satellites/Stop Pretending (

9. Katie Elevitch - "Corner of Love and Fear" Kindling for the Fire (

10. Brother HijinX - "Not So Hidden Charms" Brother HijinX (

11. Shelley Nicole’s blaKbüshe - "Give it to Me" Tranzition Remix (


  1. A killer play list! In one hour, you could make a man empty his wallet...

  2. Congratulations! Show sounds awesome. Thanks for including me :)